Let us make you look terrific!

If you have a figure that is difficult to fit in Ready to Wear clothing, or if you just like to pick out your own fabric and incorporate the style details you prefer, we can have your clothes Made to Measure from fabrics you select from our extensive range of high quality materials.


We have a fabulous amount of high quality materials to select from. Get the fit you like, slim-fit, fuller or in between.
Pick the collar, cuffs and pocket style you like. We measure neck to 1/4" increments, and your sleeves to the  1/2".



United Custom Tailors Rents formal wear

At United Custom Tailors we team with Jims' Formalwear (one of the oldest and biggest formalwear rental companies in the UnitedStates) to provide you with the most extensive range of formalwear. 

Whatever your occasion is, be it a Debutante Ball or your wedding, Prom or a Charity fundraiser, New Years Eve party, whatever it may be, we can deck you out in the appropriate ensemble! 

We can dress you in styles ranging the most traditional to the very latest in contemporary styling, or if your taste is for Western style, no problem!


Melanie S.
Aspen, CO

Fantastic work and good value. Most importantly, great customer service as I had an emergency that they responded to immediately. I had a split in the seat of my pants and having discovered them on Yelp, I called, confirmed they could do the repair immediately and sat for a few minutes while they did the repair. I was out in 10 minutes, grateful and satisfied.
Can't ask for better service!

Michelle A.
Aurora, CO

I have been going here for many years when my clothes needed a fixin.  I have never been disappointed.  John has taken my clothes in when I have lost weight, taken hems up or down, and fixed a winter coat when it got too close to my heater at work.  I really now wear it to shovel when it is very cold like say today.  It was my warmest and favorite coat.  Such a bummer.  
This last time I was here was my husband needed a suit fixed for our sons wedding.  John was out of town but the guy who filled in was also great.

Heather B.
Centennial, CO

I chose this tailor based on Yelp reviews & proximity to my home. I needed the top of a cheerleader uniform altered; the chest and shoulders were too wide. Within a week's time I had the too back, but the chest was still too wide (no mistake on the tailor's part.) I asked what could be done & he added some seams. Now it's perfect! They were very prompt about getting the top back to me after the second alteration. I will certainly be back!

Lisette L.
Evergreen, CO

I recently went because I needed two dresses hemmed and it's near my work. John was a really nice guy. I was a little sad that it took two weeks to get them hemmed but it was right around Thanksgiving so I can't fault them for that. I thought it was a bit pricey ($60 to get two dresses hemmed) but I suspect it's on par with what other places charge. My mom hemmed all my clothes until I moved away so I had it easy. I don't know if I have any clothes that warrant spending that much money so not sure I'll be back- but my dresses were done well, they look great. If you need a tailor and have the cash, I'd recommend united custom!

Manny R.
Denver, CO

I've known John (the owner) for over ten years now and his work is top notch.  Fast turnaround on clothes and the chance to talk a little English Premier League Football (soccer for us Americans) always makes stopping in worthwhile.

Joe Y.
Denver, CO

Been here a few times and John and his team are always nice. The work is nicely done and service time is standard. They also rent Tux maybe a bit cheaper than Menswearhouse.

Diane W.
Englewood, CO

John and his staff do a great job.  The work is correct, consistent and always timely.  I would trust them with any alternations I needed and know the work product would be great.


We have been in business since July 1997, in The shops at Greenwood Village, at the south-west corner of Arapahoe Road and Dayton Street. 

John and Elias and their dedicated staff are able to meet almost all of your needs, be it altering your  your own garments new or old, or having clothes made to order for you.

We will advise you about what can be done successfully to your clothes in the event of a big weight loss, or giving a newer fresher look to a favorite of yours that may be a little out of the current style, even if it sometimes means letting you know that something may not be such a great idea.